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So Loki is a little over three months old, and I am still up to my eyeballs in hospital bills.  I've realized that the only friends I have live no where near me and I never get to see them.  All the people up here that I used to ''hang out'' with were more or less "friends" while I was willing to go out get hammered or throw parties, now I've noticed anytime I try to even have a simple conversation with any of them it results in them literally either ignoring me or walking off.  If they even talk to me... Its funny how much having a kid changes everyone's opinion of a person.  As much as I wish I had people willing to come over and just chill,  I'm okay with knowing who is a true friend and who isn't.  Though there are a few people I really do miss hanging out, and having discussions and or debates with. 
     Work has been interesting.  Before I went on maturity leave, I was working quite a bit as senior, then the postion came open, and I wasn't told until the day they were holding the last interviews.  My boss thought I just didn't apply because I was fixing to go on leave,  but when I explained that they hadn't told me it was open (they had just a few months earlier supposedly eliminated the position) she said she'd work with me when I came back.  Its been threeish months that I've been back, and that hasn't progressed much.  Although this past week or two I have been senior quite a bit.  I also got the okay to dress outside of the BBY Blues, which I love!  When I have to deal with  MOD issues, its amazing how much of a difference there is in people when you look the part.  
     About a month ago was my birthday, 24 years old now.  Jeremy and I went to mid rivers,  and suprise suprise I have friends again!  Its amusing to me how people suddenly wanted to hang out with me for a night when I was buying drinks  :).  Anyway  It was a fun night.  Few people I wish had been there that either couldn't come or I had no way of getting ahold of,  but either way still an overall good night.  This was the first year though that my mother had not called me at  3 4 5 or 5 in the morning to tell me happy birthday  or call me to tell me.  That really bugged me alot.  But I guess shit happens right? 
     So I realize this entry sounds like one big whiny entry but hey,  it happens.  BUT on a not so bad note,  its September, so October is right around the corner.  The wedding is coming up quick!  We decided, being broke and all, that we were going to do a small wedding this year with only family and maybe a few close friends and t hen a reception.  And then next year we are going to have the "big" full wedding.  I really hope all goes well.  My brother's girlfriend has a friend that is going to do the ceremony for around 25 dollars so hopefully that all goes well.
     Around the beginning of August we moved from the apt we were living in into a much better place, a lot more room.  Its a two bedroom, two bathroom, Loft apartment.  We now have a washer/dryer which makes life so much easier.  No more going to my parents house to do all the laundry... although we still don't have cable or dish so we have no t.v. to watch other than maybe three channels.  Vicious, Kodak, and Q like it though I think.  They now  have more room and stairs to run around on.  And we can keep the cat litter upstairs away from everything/everyone.  Though Kido and Loki still have to share a room,  sort of.  Since we don't have her all the time its not to big of a deal, and by the time he actually starts to need a room, hopefully we will have a house rented or bought... hopefully.  But well see right? 
     Here are some pictures of Loki.. if you care to see them :P

This is one of my Bosses at the company picnic.. Of which I don't think I held my own son more than five minutes :P
I'm Sure I have more pictures but I"ll leave it at this for now.  
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Kitty he's so cute. I wish we lived closer to you, I'd hang out anytime you were wanting company. Having a kid would make no difference to me. I adore them and I adore you.