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Uninteresting, read at own annoyance.

Okay so,  Since Loki was born.. which granted was only three weeks ago (today exactly actually)  All I've done is cry,  want to drive off a bridge,  and notice that the baby only cries when he's with/around me. (everyone else tells me how sweet and quite he is when I'm not there).  At the moment Jeremy and I are house sitting for my parents while they are in Hawaii, we went by the apartment to get somethings love on the cats and what not and I just broke down. I en  ded up sitting on the bathroom floor bawling my ass off.  I constantly have a headache, my stomach keeps getting random shooting pains, and when I eat or drink anything it feels like I just ingested acid.  We went out for Jer's "birthday" (the weekend after his actual birthday)  Ended up being Jeremy, Myself, His brother Ducky, His Brother Nathan and his wife Mel, three people I didn't know, Stina, Becca, Rachel and Ashely came out for a short while as well.  I'm sitting there  not really talking to anyone, nursing my drink, and not really talking to any one, they all had their own little groups of people to talk to so I was mostly just sitting there with my thumb up my ass.  

Jeremy keeps telling me I'm pushing him away,  not talking to him or anything,  won't tell him whats bugging me and what not.  Thing is I don't have a clue what all is bugging me most of the time.  I'm not intentionally secluding myself but apparently its happening anyway.  I'm fucking broken.  
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