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So as of right now life is.... odd.  I guess.  I'm still in my two bedroom apartment.  BUT as of right now,  I kicked the other girl out.  She wasn't paying what needed to be paid, and thought I was being unfair on rent.  Words were said I got pissed, and she crossed the line when she said she was paying for four cats and only owned one.  So I told her to and I qoute "Get the fuck out, I don't care where you go, if you stay with your friends or go to jeff just get the fuck out."  So she's out.  I have to figure out how to pay rent this month because she did not give pay for the full month.  (Just gave me 160 for utilities out of the 225 she owed, and then the second 225 for the actual RENT I didn't get so in total she technically should have payed me an additional 290 but I told her I didn't care if she payed the rest of what she owed me because I just wanted her the fuck out So that is my fault.)  Right now we are trying to figure out how to maybe get Jeremy in to the apt.  possibly.  But we'll see.  I'm sitting here with Mike and D, waiting until bout 4:30 ish for Jeremy to get off work and the four of us are going to go play pool or something.  I need a shower, my head hurts and being prego is a bitch.  OH yea By the way,  I'm pregnant.  Apparent due date is supposed to be May 25th but we'll see I guess.  Not sure who all reads this but I'm sure I"ll get at least two texts.  Maybe three.  BUT yea so I'm going to go try and figure out how to arrange my, now all to myself and cats, appartment.  Update later.  Laters.
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